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About Us



At Jagger Sleepwear our focus is on minimalist style, ethical manufacturing and sustainable fabric.

You can sleep easy knowing that our sleepwear range is designed and made in Australia using quality fabrics. We are proudly accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia.

The fabric is woven and dyed with non-synthetic dyes in Melbourne. Our collection is made in Australia, and so is our packaging. We are dedicated to creating the best sleepwear, that is good for you and the environment.

We believe that fashion is an investment. We don’t believe in fast fashion and disposable trends. You have the choice to select well made, ethically manufactured, sustainable products and you deserve to know where and how your clothes are made.

Our aim is to create classic pieces that you will love now and in years to come. Each piece is carefully crafted to bring you high quality, long-lasting sleepwear.

The best fashion advice I have received was from my mum. She encouraged me to invest in quality pieces that I truly loved. Trends change but style is timeless.

Crystal Jagger | Founder and Director, Jagger Sleepwear